To France or Spain? Keep in mind …

To France or Spain?

Keep in mind …

Navigation system with Flash message

Holidaymakers who visit France, the coming period should take into account a number of current traffic rules. If you are using a navigation system, which also warns of Flash sites, you can get a fine of € 1,500 risking.

On the navigation systems that are now in the trade, it is adjusted according to the manufacturers. For existing systems you can verify in the manual of your navigation system or you can turn off the location feature (if you’re over the border).
The garage can also be helpful if the fixed navigation systems. Moreover, the French themselves noticed anything yet of fines since the line in January is entered.

Puff and SIP mandatory in France

From 1 July 2012, motorists required minimum 2 bladder pipes in their car or camper to have. The bladder pipes must be approved and identified by the NF-logo which the expiry date is not exceeded. The testers are available in French petrol stations, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Also, the alcohol testers available at French petrol stations and supermarkets and cost between 1.50 and 2 euros. Intention of the French authorities is that a driver who has drunk himself overall can verify he or she still behind the wheel must be able to show that there is a driver mag. an alcohol tester is available. It is therefore not obliged to use the tester after consumption of alcohol.

For possible prosecution for driving under the influence remains the alcohol test which determines by the police itself is diminished. The result of the self-test has no meaning as evidence in prosecution. France has the same limit of 0.5. According to inquire of the ANWB is be bekeurd until 1 november 2012 for not holding of the tester. For that time it comes with a warning. A penalty is limited to 11 euros.

Reflective smocks mandatory in France

Except puff and SIP serve motorists in their cars to have also reflective smocks. For each person in the car to be available should a vest. The course is also a warning triangle in the vehicle required

Increase of toll

Holidaymakers who use the toll roads must take into account an increase of 2.5% on average. For the route Paris-Lyon you pay compared to 80 euro cents more 2011