The Airport of Alicante, Costa Blanca in Spain expects much more passengers

The airport at El Altet, Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain is prepairing itself for a busy season. In total there are almost 9 million passengers expected who will travel via the airport of Alicante. In total there are over 51.000 flight plans, from and to the airport of Alicante.
Because of the new terminal, the airport say´s they can cope prefectly well with this large stream of passengers. To compair the year 2010 with the expectation is for 2011 the amount of passengers will grow with 6% ( 600.000 )

A lot of passengers will fly with Ryanair from the airport Alicante. Ryanair is flying on 55 destinations directly from the airport of Alicante in the whole of Europe. Also other lowcost compagnies like Easyjet, Monarch, Air Berlin and Thomsonfly are expecting to have more flights going to and from the airport of Alicante, El Altet.