San Juan, the Spanish Midsummer night celebration


San Juan, the Spanish Midsummer night celebration

Keeps you from typical Spanish folk festivals, then it is very recommendable the evening and night of 23 to 24 June somewhere on a beach along one of the Spanish coasts.

Preferably with large quantities of food, drink, friends and wood for a homemade fire.

On all beaches along the entire coast, large fire inflamed, is eating, to typically Spanish not to use drag, there is Fireworks here and there and at noon exactly delves everyone, whether or not with clothes, the water in.


The story goes that you after that dive will retain the same look as a year during the jump in the water. Another tradition tells that you have a desire to do, before you water enters and that the Holy Juan ensures that these plays.

The real summer begins in the night of 21 June. Over the years the Midsummer night celebration merged with the celebration of the Holy San Juan Bautista